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Our M.O


Collaboration is key, we want and aim to be involved in creation of the products that we invest in, style and claim as our own.

RadSwan was built together with our community in mind. It involved the feedback, voting and recommendations of women worldwide. We created a space in the market that deserved our attention, we created it with our rad selves in mind.

  • We pioneer

    By bringing innovation and sustainability to the synthetic hair market, changing the narrative and making it our own. We reclaim the beauty in our hair and express its worldly perspective.

  • We are diaspora centric

    Aiming to have connected conversation around culture and identity, we want to remove all the negative stigma attached to our means of self expression. Blackness is borderless, we are not monolith and intent to break free, to uplift our individuality and freedom.

  • We co-educate

    We learn from one another in a friendly, explorative and educative space. Taking the shame and awkwardness away, we leave no one behind when it comes to knowing what to do with your hair. No one’s black card will be revoked.

Majority of us don’t have innate hair styling skills. We’re here for quick, easy and minimal efforts, while keeping up with the high standards you deserve. Switching up styles has never been this easy for women on the go.

The Black experience is beautiful and unique, and we want you to be yourself without compromise or concession. There’s no one way to be black, but there’s just one to be you, one way to be black like you.

The RadSwan is a Shapeshifter

The RadSwan is a Shapeshifter

The RadSwan is a Shapeshifter

The RadSwan is a Shapeshifter

The RadSwan is a Shapeshifter

The RadSwan is a Shapeshifter


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